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Holistic Counseling supports the person to rediscover well-being and psychophysical harmony throughout natural, energetic, psychosomatic, artistic, cultural and spiritual practices. It stimulates the awakening and the activation of the deepest and true being and the natural process of transformation and growth of self consciousness.

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The Enneagram is a symbol intended for the evolution of the human consciousness describing in a very precise way different aspects of the human experience and nine type of personality with specific mental, emotional and perceptive patterns and their interrelation.


Instinctual Intelligence: remembering the wisdom of the body presentation at IEA Conference in Portugal

Ennealkimia: La Fiducia nell'Istinto presentazione al VI Non Solo Biodanza Festival

Tools for the journey Home: How the Enneagram supports the Integral presentation at First Integral European Conference

World Enneagram Day

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