Areas of application

The Enneagram is precious in all private and professional situations in which we relate.

It is applicable in an intimate relationship, beginning with the one with oneself, in the free profession, in companies and organisations, in education, school and training, in the social-assistance and health sector, in the spheres of art, culture, entertainment and sport.

For thousands of years, spiritual teachers from many different traditions have reminded us of the richness of the human soul and its spiritual gifts. But without real self-knowledge, it is not possible to awaken to the deeper truths of the soul or to sustain whatever degree of realisation we have attained.

The method that I propose includes theory, introspective analysis practices and somatic practices that involve the three centres: mind, heart and body. The approach is relaxed, conversational and non-judgmental, with an emphasis on developing the ability to remain present.

Discover the areas of application:


Knowing ourselves improves self-confidence and relationships

The integral approach to the Enneagram used in relation to oneself, in couples or family supports the quality of intimate relationships bringing understanding and light to our reality. It supports individual well-being by clarifying the relationship with oneself, with the environment and society, with one’s own resources and difficulties, with projects, creativity, one’s own body, emotions and thoughts.

It helps to recognise what we are looking for in a relationship and what we are naturally able to donate, what are the priorities that we believe as non-negotiable, such as the way we manage our time, what our preconceived expectations are. It helps to recognise also how much we include the partner or family in our intimate world, how much we are capable and available to adapt to the other as much as we ask for its adaptation to us.

It offers tools for parents helping them better understand their children and better face their choices and social challenges.


Value to differences and communication

The Enneagram is nowadays the most powerful and practical intercultural system available for personal development and professional growth on any level and also the most precise and effective way to intervene in corporate and organisational dynamics.

In free professions, it is a support in the relationship with customers and colleagues, in communication and in the management of tensions and of internal resources in decision-making processes. In professional orientation and in supporting the balance in the relationship between private and professional life. It helps to recognise our relational automatisms, the impact we have on others in an often unconscious way, the priorities that in our work we believe are non-negotiable for our survival, how we manage our time and our preconceived expectations. It helps us to recognise how capable and willing we are to adapt to customers and colleagues and how much we ask for their adaptation to us.


In any type of company and organisation, it is useful in professional retraining, for organisational and business well-being, in conflict management, in supporting motivation, in generational transitions. It’s precious mainly in communication, in the ability to give and receive feedback, conflict management, team-building, leadership.


Organisations develop patterns, automatic beliefs and common assumptions that create a climate and a shared vision. As well as people, organisations have strengths and difficulties.


The teaching that recognises and nourish talent

The integral approach to the Enneagram in any educational, academic and formative field public and private supports both the personal and professional growth of the teacher, instructor or trainer and the valorisation and expression of students’ real potential.

For the students, it’s precious in orientation towards studies and in supporting motivation.

For the professional, it’s a precious tool for awakening the profound sense of one’s mission which can be positively reflected in the educational attitude and for supporting the students in their real difficulties. For improving the communication between colleagues, with students, with their parents and families and therefore the relationships and the general climate in the educational, scholastic and educational environment.

Help relationship

To meet the other where he/she is

The integral approach to the Enneagram is useful in any helping profession, social welfare, healthcare, hospital, penitentiary, psychology, counselling, coaching. It is valuable for those who work with the discomfort, to remove and overcome the situations of need and difficulty that the person meets during the course of life, where there is a need for “something more”, with the conditions of exclusion or social marginalisation or illness.


The helping relationships are based on the ability to relate correctly with the individual, or with the family unit or peer group. This is why it is important for caregivers to have instruments that allow them both to take care of themselves physically, emotionally and mentally, and to recognise where the other is mentally and emotionally, not only physically or according to clinical parameters.

The Enneagram allows us to nourish the ability to recognise, understand and deal with awareness our emotions, to recognise and overcome bias and resistances and stay present with oneself and the reality and experience of the other at the moment.


Support to creativity and unique expression
Arte e cultura maschere

The integral approach to the Enneagram for all artistic activities – writing, music, dance, acting, sculpture, painting – is a precious support to discover, illuminate and nourish that creative space that generates the authentic expression of mind, heart and senses.

For the author of texts, novels, scripts and screenplays, it clarifies and refines his own style and offers indications and guidelines for the definition of realistic, homogeneous and coherent characters in relationships.


For the director and the actor, it supports acting inhabited by the character. The Enneagram and somatic practice integrated into the acting can be very powerful, both for the understanding of oneself and for deeply touching the human experience. Therefore, it not only support inner transformation, but it makes accessible emotional, mental, physical and expressive resources that vastly improve the performative result.