Education and Teaching

The Enneagram at school, in teaching and learning

The teaching that recognises, respects and nurtures talent

The Enneagram in professional and personal training addresses to teachers and to all operators in any educational public and private field and supports an orientation that recognizes and integrates the different intelligences of the human being, not only cognitive intelligence, but also emotional and instinctive intelligence.
It is valuable for:

  • the valorisation and expression of students' real potential
  • student's orientation towards studies
  • recognising the possibility of supporting the students in their real difficulties
  • personal and professional growth of the teacher, which can be positively reflected in the educational attitude
  • awakening the profound sense of one's mission as a teacher and one's own motivation as a student
  • gaining tools for parents that can help them better understand their children and better face their choices and social challenges
  • improving the communication between colleagues, with students, with their parents and families and therefore the relationships and the general climate in the educational, scholastic and educational environment