Integral Enneagram

Since 2005 I have developed EnneagrammaIntegrale®, a proposal for exploration and learning about human nature, inner experience and the relationship with others and with the environment through a dynamic and practical approach that awakens, involves and harmonises our different intelligences .


It is based on Ken Wilber’s vision of the Integral Approach and consistently integrates the body of knowledge of the Enneagram with somatic and movement research with academic studies in religious ethnology and cultural anthropology, the principles of Spiral Dynamics, Non Violent CommunicationSociocracy and the practice of meditation.


The Integral Approach is the coherent organization, coordination, and harmonization of all practices, methodologies, and experiences available to human beings. It considers as fundamental the awareness of the multiple dimensions of reality. It is a proposition that offers support for awareness of our position and movement in life and in the world. The orientation of this approach is to move the sense of ourselves and our identity from projection, from emotional reactivity and from the automatism of our instinctual drives toward the inner space of presence and support that allows to our resources to emerge. Traditions often call this space our true nature. Integrating the empirical knowledge of our differentiated inner aspects and of the many dimensions of reality, our daily life may also express and manifest all the variety of true nature.


The moments of radical inner transformation of vision and perception of ourselves are moments of integration. They happen when the experience is ‘integral’ and ‘integrated’, not partial or fragmentary as the automatic way we interpret the events.
When the body experiences itself from within, when awareness of the dynamic and the patterns in movement in their physical and social environment emerges, then body, mind and emotions are experienced as one. Gurdjieff attributed great importance to the integration of three intelligence centres mental, emotional and instinctive and to their active involvement in the evolutionary process.


If we want to investigate reality, relative or absolute, it is necessary to include that integral and dynamic human consciousness revealing itself in all the dimensions we can experiment through senses and also in the dimension preceding the experimental and interpretable.
In this process, intent, support and direction are fundamental. Practices that open up to a wider perspective than the usual one allow us to unlearn what we believe about ourself and, God willing, to remember ourself.


What is ‘Integral’? It means simply more complete, balanced, comprehensive and connected. Using the Integral Approach, in business, in personal development, art, education, or spirituality (or in any other numerous areas), we may include more aspects of reality and of our own humanity, to become more completely and efficiently conscious in all we do. […] We cannot realistically honour the various methods and fields without exposing as they fit together. This is the way to treat in a genuine way the philosophic world.”

– Ken Wilber –