Counseling services

Support for the quality of life

An organism has one basic tendency and striving – to actualise, maintain, and enhance the experiencing organism.

– Carl Rogers –


I work with individuals, families, groups, teams, institutions, on-site with public and private organisations or in private studios in Lavagna (GE)  and online.


I could define the counseling I propose as “anthropological”: while sharing the essential parameters of counseling in general, it finds its fundamental element in the orientation of cultural anthropology, or ethnology. Cultural anthropology is the discourse on man, the study of man in relation to his environment, in search of meaning and sense.

The anthropological approach requires the ability to maintain an attitude of non-attachment with the experience of the other and at the same time be totally involved in it. Everything is considered from the other’s point of view and in order for this to happen, it is necessary to know first of all own usual world, what it’s needed to be put aside. The other is the only one who can truly know himself and in the helping relationship with this approach, the counsellor simply supports the search of the other for sense and meaning.


Counselling is not a form of medical or psychological therapy. Counselling is a growth, improvement and empowerment path that provides a space for listening and reflection, in which clients may explore difficulties related to evolutionary processes, face transitions and states of crisis, and strengthen their capacity to choose or change.

The goal of counselling is to improve the quality of life, supporting the strengths and the ability for self-determination. Each individual has unique potential and resources and counselling helps to express them.


The counseling I propose mainly uses the body of knowledge of the Enneagram and the powerful support of the somatic experience, awakening and actively involving emotional intelligence, intuition and instinct.


In the private sphere, Counselling supports personal and relational wellbeing and is particularly useful in moments of crisis, in the definition and achievement of specific goals in life: parenthood, affective and sexual life, conflicts, separations, and career choices. I accompany you toward the goals and objectives that you establish and ensure that everyone is able to give the best of himself: in private life, school, work, relationships and family.


I welcome people who have the need to face, tackle or solve a specific problem or a condition of temporary difficulty. The sessions are oriented towards improving self-awareness and clarity about relational attitudes, to developing a capacity for analysis of difficulties, to enhancing resources for addressing the specific situation and for promoting autonomy and effectiveness in the choices.
The acceptance of our emotional state, understanding and confidence in our own ability, the respect for diversity and an equal relation, allow openness and cooperation for exploration of the issues and for change.
Interventions may also support purely emotional difficulties, offering both containment for pain and reassurance, yet keeping present the goal of developing awareness of the issue, autonomy in the choices, and confidence in the possibility of transformation.


All emotions are always accepted as free self-expression and as a natural reaction to life situations, and are welcome to improve the level of awareness and emotional intelligence, and therefore to understand the meaning and the related factors, while always focusing on finding solutions in the “here and now”.


In the public sphere, Counselling supports organisations, observing and analysing conditions of crisis and difficulties, facilitating the process of awareness of issues and contributing, also in collaboration with other professionals, to improve relationships between customers and/or clients and service personnel.

I also work as a facilitator to develop a good internal climate and to improve relationships between professionals in the organisation. In this perspective, I intervene, individually or in a group, detecting communication difficulties and relational problems, in order to generate improvement and ease in operators and, consequently, lending a positive impact on the service provided.

  • In the educational, school and training field, counselling addresses students, parents, teachers, educators and trainers.For students it supports their educational choices, optimising their scholastic yield, promoting growth, by offering deep listening and pedagogical orientation. The activity is directed towards emotional management, the improvement of self-esteem and the strengthening of creative expression.

    The Counselor also offers deep listening and orienting for parents, in supporting teachers and non-teaching staff, intervenes in order to facilitate adolescent issues and in communication with students.

    Counselling is an excellent tool for preventing critical issues in school and social phenomena such as bullying and racial integration.

  • In the business/corporate field, Counselling is useful for career orientation and professional retraining, organisational and business welfare, balance between personal and professional life, motivation and coaching, stress management and conflict, generational shift.
  • In the social field, Counselling is useful as support for health professionals as well as for those who offer professional support to categories in difficulty: in situations of social marginalisation, in prisons, in communities, and in shelters for the homeless, and to refugees, migration services and hospitals.
  • In the field of sports, Counselling supports and facilitates the athletes’ and teams’ enhancement of resources and potential, definition and achievement of specific goals, management of a good team spirit,  communication and relationship between the professional figures (coach and trainer) and athletes.