Open Workshops

Enneagramma Integrale and Enneagram Institute workshops

Open workshops are thematic and for everybody. They aim to offer the opportunity to explore the fundamental inner and relational dynamics that influence the quality and balance of our lives.

Except for the “Typing” workshop, they do not require any prior knowledge of the system.

They allow to approach the system for people attracted to it, to deepen the knowledge of the system through an integral approach that integrates theory with somatisation practices or through the of the Enneagram Institute® Insight Approach.

The main objective of the courses is self-knowledge.

Along with it, are also supported:

  • The increasing of relationship skills in any area of ​​life
  • Greater listening ability
  • The acquisition of a powerful key to understanding people’s strengths and real difficulties
  • The ability to recognise priority issues and resources on which to focus attention in any area of ​​life
  • The enhancement and development of one’s own and others’ talents

Enneagramma Integrale workshops

Enneagramma Integrale workshops condense the material of 20 years of study of the Enneagram with the major exponents of the first generation. For some aspects, the theory is integrated with somatisation practices that allow understanding in depth the themes explored in the body-mind relationship.

The proposed themes are the following:


  • The nine points as aspects of human experience
  • The fundamentals of the nine types
  • The instinctive variants and the 27 types
  • The Levels of Development of the nine types
  • The relational dynamics
  • The defensive system
  • The inner judge
  • The dynamics of arrows
  • Typing process


They can be proposed in one or more days each, or in a regular meeting program with an ongoing group, according to the level of deepening desired.

Enneagram Institute® workshops

I’m a member of the Enneagram Institute Network, certified and authorised by the Institute.

The Enneagram Institute® was founded in 1997 by Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson to further their research and development of this remarkably insightful and useful approach to understanding human nature. The main office is located in Stone Ridge, NY, as well as worldwide representation by Enneagram Institute® Network Members. The Institute is engaged in presenting workshops and training in the Insight Approach® around the world.

Network members are Riso-Hudson invited certified students who have consistently demonstrated a high level of professional expertise, a commitment to the Insight Approach® as well as volunteering to put time, energy, and resources necessary to maintain the Network. Each Authorised Workshop is produced in affiliation with The Enneagram Institute® and provides the same material all over the world.

The 4 basic workshops are:


  • The Wisdom of the Enneagram
  • The Enneagram and Relationships
  • The three Instincts (subtypes)
  • The Journey of Growth (Levels)