NLP and the Enneagram: the five elements of change


Sestri Levante (Ge) – Italy


when: September 25th and 26th 2021,  9:30 – 17:30 daily
where: Grand Hotel Villa Balbi, viale Rimembranze 1
With accreditation of 12 hours of CCE by the International Coaching Federation
Price is VAT free and includes workshop, launches and breaks


With Tom Condon, in English with Italian translation and with accreditation of 12 hours of CCE by the International Coaching Federation

Change is the only constant, nothing stays the same. Even as we maintain our inner view of the world, the outer world keeps changing. Our success at living a complete life depends on how closely our inner Enneagram map matches our present world, how willing we are to revise past learnings, adapt to new circumstances and surrender old defenses.

The Enneagram offers a powerful framework for seeing our personality defenses and unhealthy tendencies as well as identifying our many strengths.

A workshop to help you:

– Use the Enneagram to grow and make positive changes
– Discover powerful methods and practices
– Call forth your Enneagram style’s hidden strengths
– Identify how your style best grows and changes
– Become your own best coach, counselor or therapist

In this workshop you will learn and experience powerful methods of change, specifically adapted to working with Enneagram patterns and dilemmas.

The workshop will teach you the framework used by exceptional coaches, counselors and psychotherapists – how they think and act when they successfully help their clients change.

Tom will present the Five Elements of Change:

– Accurately defining what you want to change
– How to strengthen your motivation to change
– Developing realistic, well-formed goals
– Evoking the inner resources needed to make the change
– Using effective methods

One effective method we will practice is creating homework assignments and behavioral tasks for each Enneagram style. Derived from the work of Milton Erickson, this technique will help you solve problems and resolve personality dilemmas using powerful exercises, assignments, rituals and tasks.

This workshop will help you apply the Enneagram’s deep insights and provide a safe place to make your own personal or professional changes.

TOM CONDON is an internationally recognized Enneagram trainer and author. He has worked with the Enneagram since 1980 and with Ericksonian hypnosis and NLP since 1977. He combines the three models in his work to offer powerful blend of therapeutic tools. His workshops concentrate on how to see and use the Enneagram dynamically, as a springboard to positive change.

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