Life and Executive Coaching, Counseling, Mentoring, Training and Facilitation for individuals and organisations

Enneagramma Integrale® is part of a cultural orientation that does not limit itself to transmitting technical information, but that offer opportunity of spreading formative values and attitudes oriented to obtaining a positive change in the quality of life, in the conditions of work and in social forms.

The purpose is to help to be. It is not about adding resources to people but bring out their own resources. The Enneagram properly used and integrated with good practices allows to identify in a precise and rapid way the real needs and difficulties and to bring to light and nourish the natural abilities and talents.

All interventions are interactive. The theory is integrated by introspective practices and somatic experiences, to support a practical understanding of the map and transformative learning. I propose effective practices to perceive and balance the survival instinct drives in our daily life, to recognise reactivity and nourish our emotional intelligence, to mitigate the inner dialogue and refine our intuition. These are all resources permitting to build a sense of support, ease and serenity in private life and intimate relationships, in the workplace with colleagues, coworkers and in interactions in teamwork.


Support for the life quality of individuals and groups, in the educational-school-training, corporate, social, artistic and sports fields.

Workshops for everyone

Thematic courses to bring awareness to your life and relationships

Enneagram for organizations

Tailored interventions and modular modules for the awareness of managers, leaders and teams