Enneagramma Integrale® for organizations

Tailored interventions and combinable modules for the awareness of managers, leaders and teams

I support companies and organizations that need practical and effective tools to express the best of themselves and wish to improve the climate of the working environment and have greater relational, management and decision-making capacity.
Individual awareness is the basis of any positive change in the quality of working environments and organizations. The quality of relationships in the workplace is crucial in the motivation, collaboration and effectiveness of individuals and teams and in the implementation of the mission.
Particularly in organizations administered through a hierarchical distribution of power, the level of self-knowledge, awareness and state of well-being of those in high positions has enormous importance not only in the quality of their work, but also on that of all his collaborators.
For this reason, it is necessary that learning and development support individuals to learn more about themselves, to understand their own way of presenting themselves and placing themselves in the system in which they operate, and at the same time help to valorise differences.

EnneagrammaIntegrale® is useful to your company if you need your managers…

  • reflect on their way of interpreting reality
  • know and manage their emotions
  • become aware of the impact they have on colleagues and collaborators
  • improve relational skills
  • develop greater listening skills
  • acquire a powerful key to understanding the strengths and real difficulties of collaborators
  • understand the dynamics of the relationship
  • become able to recognize the priority team issues to which attention should be paid
  • support the development of real skills and competences
  • valorise differences as a resource
  • recognize the blind spots and resources of their own leadership style
  • get involved to challenge internal limits and nurture talents

The Tailor-made interventions offer attention to the real needs of organizations and the individuals who live there. I am committed to knowing the organizational reality, understanding the general context in which it operates and successfully identifying the real needs, defining which tools at my disposal are most suitable for satisfying them and developing an adequate offer.

In the Modular Plan I propose effective practices to perceive and balance the drives of survival instincts in motivation, communication quality and conflict management, in leadership and decision-making, to recognize reactivity and nourish emotional intelligence, to mitigate dialogue interior and sharpen intuition. All important resources that allow you to build comfort, serenity and safety in the working environment with colleagues, collaborators and in teamwork interactions.

  • Intelligences in action
  • Personality styles
  • Values and priorities
  • Communication
  • Feedback
  • Conflict
  • Team
  • Leadership
  • Change