The Nine Types

The Nine Types

The Enneagram describes in a surprisingly precise way different aspects of the human experience and nine different personality types, each one with specific mental, emotional and perceptive patterns. We may define personality as the pattern of beliefs, emotional attitudes and habitual behaviors that we define as “me”.


Type One loves to do things in the right way; he’s a hard worker, honest, self-critical and easily frustrated
Type Two loves to help others, is passionate, devoted, capable of sacrifice for beloved ones and easily invasive
Type Three loves to realise himself and to win, is brilliant, active, practical and often obsessed by image
Type Four loves free and original expression, is creative, sophisticated, an art lover and easily self-centered
Type Five loves autonomy and solitude; he’s attentive, reflective, intense and often non-demonstrative
Type Six loves friendship and is gregarious; he’s faithful, committed, loyal and easily skeptical
Type Seven loves fun and variety, he’s cheerful, optimistic, hedonistic and often superficial
Type Eight loves to decide for his life; he’s prone to combat, enterprising, decisive and easily authoritarian
Type Nine loves peace; he’s calm, patient, gentle, easily self-devaluating and lives in his own world