Sexual Instinct
Go further to evolve

Everything that lives needs adequate stimuli and interactions to transform itself and to ensure the best continuity of itself and that of the species.


In all animals this instinct deals with the energy and development of what makes the species best suited to survive and continue. It is the one that recognizes the most suitable partner to provide the best immune system of the offspring, which stimulates competition between males, sexual heat in females and courtship dances.

In animals, the Sexual Instinct leads to fights and ostentation to attract the right partner, to subject themselves to dangers, to endure even very difficult tests and risk death, for example to deposit their eggs in specific places.


In human beings it manifests in the attraction or repulsion for people, things or situations without apparent reason or motive, in the passion for life, in the search for stimuli and novelty, in the love of risk and adventure, in the drive to go further to discover new worlds. It is expressed in the sense of vitality and excitement, in the desire for energetic connection and is often the basis of relationships.
Just as the Self-Preservation Instinct indicates the needs of the body, the Sexual Instinct makes us aware of the energetic expression of our bodies. While the Self-Preservation Instinct indicates danger, the Sexual Instinct pushes towards the right experience to have in order to evolve and away from what is not adequate.


When it is healthy and functional it makes us expand beyond ourselves and pushes us to go towards what is good to evolve. Being present to this instinct means feeling alive, open to the new, capable of leaving the comfort zone, of transforming and changing, of finding one’s passion and honoring it. It’s being magnetically attracted to the right things, people and situations, finding wonderful ways to keep our nervous system adequately stimulated, and expressing our passion without it needing to be rationally logical. The more sophisticated the organism, the more the Sexual Instinct concerns an internal fire that makes one pursue the truth intrepidly without anything being able to hinder it. It brings with it an element of danger and risk, calls and attracts out of habits and enlivens.


Individuals with Dominant Sexual Instinct want vitality and stimulation in their lives. They are against comfort and mass, they want a passionate and non-comfortable life, lived fully and without regrets. They recognize a state of inner electricity worth living for, seeking to be engaged with the world and others in ways that can consistently maintain this energy. They seek what gives them energetic resonance or stimulation and want to distance themselves from what cannot provide it. In fact, their life story is not as stable as that of those who have the dominant Self-Preservation Instinct, but is generally irregular and made up of phases and chapters, without great savings. They love to push the limits, they can stay up all night reading or listening to music without thinking that they will have to get up early the next day, or go from one activity to another without stopping, or be so focused on something that they can’t move the ‘focus on something else or slow down, or put them in danger to feel vitality and adrenaline. They want to be beautiful and charismatic, to dance their dance, to show themselves, to shine. Sharing energy is emotional and exciting for them so they try to intensify it. When this is possible they feel deeply urged and wish to unite and merge with it.


Unhealthy Sexual Instinct leads to not recognizing one’s passion, to shy away from intensity, to procrastinate action and remain controlled within known boundaries, to focus on everyday details and social connections and avoid what is good and necessary to do to change. Or to the aggressive and neurotic search for energy activation, to the predilection for dangerous activities, to the risk of accidents, to choosing a life of pure excitement, dissipation, depravity and obsession without any ground for conservation of resources, nor any social ties. It can lead to fatal attractions and getting lost in something or someone, even seeking immolation as maximum stimulation, losing the pleasure of what one is doing.

(Selected extract form “Crescere con L’Enneagramma”, Maura Amelia Bonanno, 2018, Armenia Edizioni)