International Enneagram Association Egypt Conference



Presentation at the Second Regional International Enneagram Conference.
when: 27-30 January 2022
dove: Cairo – Egypt


Second Regional Conference in Egypt, offering numerous opportunities for face-to-face communication and interaction, for exploration of new angles, and for establishing a holistic and comprehensive approach to the Enneagram.
I’ll propose a presentation with the title: “The perspective of cultural anthropology for an ethical and genuine use of the Enneagram”.
As Cultural anthropology, the Enneagram map belongs to the science of humans field, and the principles and methods of Cultural anthropology are a great support for the appropriate and ethical use of the Enneagram map.
The session will present the fundamental characteristic of the anthropological reasoning and how they apply and fit when using the Enneagram, the importance of the dynamic nature/culture in using the Enneagram map, how the Enneagram map describes both the cultural and the individual, how the awareness or the neglectfulness of all these aspects influences the way we use the Enneagram map and the impact this has on people, environment and society.
Participants will be engaged into a small groups inquiry.

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